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It's true...

Butt Out & Vape is a shop dedicated to providing you with a healthier alternative to smoking that's clean, safe, and great tasting.

We sell hundreds of varieties of different Vape Juices, as well as Vape Pens (if you're transitioning from smoking and looking for a similar feel), Starter Kits (if you're new to the Vape scene and want something easy to start with), and many customization options to make your Vape truly unique.
We even sell beautiful, high quality Glass products!

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Barrie's #1 Vape & Glass Shop

Shane first got into the idea of Vaping and creating Vape products in 2014, when he was just 19 years old, after being introduced by his Aunt, Shelly Wood, the owner of UCanPuff in Oakville, Ontario.

The name Butt Out & Vape came from his parents, and once he had that he began the vape business with his good friend, Marco Romita at his side!

Since then, Shane has been working on selling the best Vape and Glass products in the Barrie area, and continues to service thousands of satisfied customers with hundreds of different Vape Juice flavors and products!

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If you would like to contact our physical shop, please use the number below, or come pay us a visit! Otherwise, please click the button below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Butt Out & Vape
151A Dunlop Street East,  Barrie, Ontario

Phone Number:
(705) 302-9289

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We Heard You Like Vape...

check out a few of our 600+ flavors, inside the shop and online, below!

We're always adding more delicious flavors, so check back often!

I'm New To Vaping!

Looking to get started vaping? Here's a guide for our products!

E-Cigarette: An electronic cigarette is exactly like it sounds: A cigarette-like device that uses a battery to heat up a liquid, often containing nicotine, that can have different flavors for a more enjoyable experience, without the real fire hazard. 

Vape Kit: A Vape Kit is a kit that contains some, or all of the following: A Modified Vape Box (A rectangular box that has variable voltages, and other customization features inside and out), a Vape Tank (Where the liquid goes!), a spare Coil (which is the part that interacts with the battery and Vape Juice to heat it and make vapor), a charging cable, and a user manual. 

E-Liquid/Vape Juice: You probably already know this one, but e-liquid, or more commonly known as Vape Juice, is the liquid that's used with the Coil to make the vapor you inhale -- Which can include nicotine, and often has multiple flavors for a better user experience. *Read the description of our products to see if the Vape Juice you're buying contains nicotine*

Vape Pod/Mini Vape: A Vape Pod, a.k.a a Mini Vape, is a smaller version of a Vape machine, more commonly known as a Vape Pen, that's often used for smokers who are trying to transition into Vaping, which continuing with a similar "hand feel", since the machines are often pod-like, and resemble e-cigarettes.

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Glass, On Glass, On...

Here at Butt Out & Vape, we don't just offer the very best Vaping products and accessories around, we also offer the very best Glass products, for all your needs!

Here's a taste of what our shop offers!